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Your first record

What was the first record (or if you are young enough CD / download etc) you bought (or was bought for you)?

Mine was "Downtown" by Petula Clark and at six years old I had suprisingly mature taste!

The platters them, followed closely by the stylistics
Oh and I love motown

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tropical thunder CD       it's good dancehall,reggae and reggaeton

UB 40....labor of love.

Let's Get It On  -  Marvin Gaye (was a birthday gift May 8, 1974 and this song will follow me till death)

BAD by Michael JacksonWink I was around 12, I think, and I played the casette until it was no more left of I still knoow the lyrics to all of the songsWink

Mine was the Spice Girls album! lol My mum bought it for me for my bday when I got my 1st cd player Smile
The first record single I bought was 'Apache' by the Cliff Richards backing band the Shadows. My first album was by my friends band 'refugees ' by Van Der Graaf Generator.

i couldn t name all my favorite albums throughout all them years smiiiiiiiiiiiiiles*

but definitely i will always remember the first record i bought and with what kind of funny thing lol i then played it up and down (schneider powerpack lol) ...

Tina Turner - Private Dancer

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